From Unit Masters Student to Cofounder

From Unit Masters Student to Cofounder: Luki Song's Journey to Empower Web3 Writers with

Luki Song is now a co-founder of, a launchpad and platform on Polygon designed to empower writers to find early supporters, monetize their creative process, experiment, and gather and engage a community around them. But that isn’t where she started. Luki has been the Vice President of a financial institution for the past nine years, but only last year became interested in the possibilities of Web3.

An avid creator akin to deep dives, Luki signed up for Unit Masters Cohort 12, where she studied blockchain fundamentals, decentralization, and tokenomics. She has since completed the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center DLT and DeFi Programs, as well as the INSEAD School Blockchain Revolution Course, and even joined HER D.A.O. Armed with new knowledge, and guided by her interests, she began looking for a problem/solution where she could have maximum impact.

She eventually landed on disrupting the traditional publishing industry, which lacks liquidity, making it difficult for publishing houses to take financial risks on new writers. Additionally, the industry has strong gatekeepers and writers typically only receive a 10% share of profits. Web2 publishing offers an alternative, but Web3 technologies like NFTs and token gating offer the potential for writers to reach their audience, experiment with their art, and earn cryptocurrency. NFTs also enable the creation of literature collectibles that can be traded and have a wider reach beyond a single platform.

Luki partnered with Co-founders Juli and Roxana to create a community of writers and readers who can support and inspire each other. Not just bibliophiles and bookworms, the Co-founders are also coders and developers. And thus, was born, which presents an opportunity to infuse literature with the financial value and attention it deserves, and to discover hidden talent in the world of writing.

“The beauty of web3 is connecting with people around the world and belonging to a community that is extremely supportive,” says Luki.

“This is our dream,” adds Juli. “We are building what we would've loved to have ourselves a few years back.”

In addition to token gating with NFTs, the team is conducting research on venture capital investment in writers and authors, as well as putting together a marketing strategy to push writer portfolios. Luki, Juli and Roxana invite you to come and be pioneers in testing out Web3 publishing tools and join a community that is passionate about both crypto and literature. Join us at Unit network as we build the Token Economy.

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