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Our Unit Masters program is designed towards incubating and accelerating the entrepreneurial and personal growth journey in a structured way within 6 weeks. It’s gonna be intense, and hopefully rewarding. Be aware of this — you’re the captain of your own journey.

We will consider our Unit Masters a successful program, if at the end of the 6 weeks, you’d have check-marked following targets along our 6 modules:

  • Future-Economy. Have been able to explain the main concepts of the New Economy driven by technologies of the future in 2 minutes.
  • Business Growth (Scaling). Generated 25 new leads, and closed 5 sales.
  • Network. Hosted 5 events to share with others about your service offerings to meet customers, and new & old friends / collaborators.
  • Foundations. Passed a mini MBA exam in which you’ll be asked about key concepts of entrepreneurship (acquired along the 6 weeks journey).
  • Branding. Acquainted yourself with basic understanding of content creation in social media and have created 25 pieces of meaningful content.
  • Well-Being. Have learned basics of mindfulness meditation to calm the mind and documented the 6-weeks personal growth journey.

At the end of the program — even if you come to the conclusion that you don’t want to be an entrepreneur — we’d hope you can look back and say: yes, I gave it my best, and I can look back on a fruitful time investment. No excuses!

Design principle: Each minute is a minute well-spent.

Our interventions (live-mentoring, pre-recorded videos, deep dive exercises and micro-exercises) are opportunities for participants to be inspired, to learn from experts, to get your hands dirty and get your business going.


The exercises shall act as sign-posts to help you follow the journey. We know it’s very demanding and intense, and we made sure every minute invested in watching content, doing the exercises is a minute that pays towards reaching our overall goal of helping you grow business and as a leader.

We made it easy for all of us to progress week by week in a workable manner. That means, our overall program targets are broken down into weekly KPI.

Here are the Unit Masters Week 1 KPI:

Here are your KPIs/goals for the modules this week

1. Future-Economy
a) Filled up Unit profile
b) Understood the Unit platform, mission and vision(make 1 min video explaining each)
c) Understand the cooperative future economy(make 1 min video)
2. Network
a) Understand different virtual events types
b) Connect with working group and come up with a crisp self-introduction
c) Create first virtual event with a working group member
3. Foundations
a) Defined niche to build online business
b) Finalized online business offering
c) Received external feedback on your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots from 5 friends
4. Business Growth (Scaling)
a) Create a vision board
b) Get feedback from group for net promoter score(NPS)
c) Build launch plan for building online business
5. Branding
a) Describe a mission and vision statement, and create and implement a profile tagline (Use Worksheets S1)
b) Define demographics and psychographics of your target audience, as well as emotional and rational trigger points (Worksheets S2)
c) Become aware of how others brand themselves and take notes if you like someone’s approach in particular (5min micro-exercise)
6. Well-Being
a) Familiarize with basic understanding of body & breathing awareness mechanisms (3 min micro-meditations)
b) Have clear view on 3 aspirations in a meaningful life, and identify habits that support this aspiration and those that distract them (exercise 1)
c) Set up your emotional trigger alarm detection system (exercise 2)

The self-organized reflection groups shall act as learning pods for you to share and discuss the insights from working through your commitments. Sometimes, breaking through barriers can be so frustrating — and it’s good to know that you’re not alone. There’s others that go through the same process, connect, share, and support each other!

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