Unit Network Roadmap 2022

In 2022, the Unit Network aims to reach the following milestones & growth targets:

As well as the primary Unit Network application, there are several other initiatives setup by the core team to aid education and adoption of tokenisation, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is a powerful new framework for large-scale human coordination and at the heart of our organisational culture (M.O.P.S.) which drives Unit Network as well as each of the five growth initiatives. Each Initiative (C.V.M.U.N) has a mandate and a dedicated team managed by one or more Unit Core Team members that coordinate and support achievement of the protocol’s key goals.

Additionally, Unit Network operates as a matrix DAO with four focus departments: Marketing (M), Organisation (O), Product (P), Sales (S) alongside five Growth Initiatives Conferences (C), Ventures (V), Masters (M), U (University), News (N). Each of the focus teams operates autonomously, and in frequent alignment within and across their focus activities.

Marketing (Unit Network):

Marketing aims to sign up 5 million active users by year-end. This means that on average, each user generates 4,000 USD per year in exchange volume or 20 USD in transaction fees (earnings) for Unit Network (0.5% exchange fee that feeds into UNIT treasury per exchange).

The main driver of SignUps is via Conferences (1.2 million users), Masters (1.2 million users), and Ventures (1.2 million users). Unit News and Unit University, alongside the 60 Industry & City Teams, will contribute the remainder (1.4 million).

By end of February, the Branding team will have launched the Unit Branding v2.0 and the Marketing Analytics Team will have finalised the SEO Keyword & Content Marketing 2022 Roadmap for Unit Network.

Organization (Unit Network):

The Organisation team aims to expand to 125–140 core team members by end of the year, which will translate to 25–30 members per CVMUN.

Each core team member will help seed an Industry and/or City Team, and host at least 2 conferences to kickstart the team building for Industry & City Teams.

Product (Unit Network):

Unit Network:

Exchange & Staking feature: end of January

Vault feature: end of February
Wallet Self-Custody: beginning of Q2

The Vault feature will decentralise the custody of funds.
Hence the product team is focusing on making this feature available asap.

Next to the main functions on Unit.Network, the Product team will also focus on the release of additional apps to support the growth of the CVMUN and their associated ventures.

Unit Ventures App:

A leaderboard feature to showcase the MOPS metrics per team member will be live by end of February 2022. This will bring real-time transparency to see the performance of core contributors to the 4 metrics: Sign-Ups, Hires, Vitality, & Sales.

Unit Masters App:

The app will be ready Q2 for the next Unit Masters batch in March (Cohort 9).

Sales (Unit Network):

Q1/Q2 targets: The focus of the sales team is on closing rounds 7–10 by end of May, closing a total of 19 million USD in additional funds.

For the end of the year 2022, we aim at closing private sales Round 16, leading to a total amount of funds raised to 443 million USD, of which 90% will be locked in the UNIT token treasury.

The UNIT bank token price for Round 16 is 169 USD, which is equivalent to a circulating Market Cap of 5.7bn USD.

A New Era Of Tokens.

Industry & City Teams:

2022 is the year of ramping up 60 Industry & City Teams to different stages, with 6 rounds of funding (total of 280k USD in 6 rounds per Industry & City Teams (round 6 = 110k USD)). Industry & City Teams together raise a minimum of 16.8million USD in funds.

Top 5 Industry & City teams expected to reach round 16 (total amount raised to 36 million USD per team), leading to another 180 million USD in funds.

On average, each Industry & City Team will have organised two conferences in Q2 & Q4, and each Industry & City Team will have on average 8 people (MOPS) functioning by end of Q2, aiming to scale up to 40 team members per Industry & City Team by end of the year 2022.

The first series of Industry & City conferences will be hosted in April, May & June. The second series of conferences will be hosted in September, October, November.

The Unit CVMUN initiatives & team members will support the ramp-up of Industry & City Tokens, with the Unit Organisation team leading the tool kit development through a dedicated Industry & City task force.

In addition, seeding teams of Industry & City Teams can participate in the Unit Ventures Launchpad program to support their launch.

Incentive structures for Industry & City Teams are equivalent to the Unit Core Team incentive structure. Unit Core Team members are not part of Industry & City Core Teams. Unit Core Team members can be advisors to Industry & City Teams.

Unit on the Road 2022:

Meet Unit Core Team, and Community at the following events. Reach out to us if you want to co-host events.

January: Crypto Ski Week (St Moritz, Switzerland), DigitalDavos (Online)

February: LoveBurn (Miami, USA), ETHDenver (Denver, USA)

March: Bitcoin Conference (Miami, USA) São Paulo & ETHRio (Rio, Brazil), Kinnernet (Tallinn, Estonia), EthDubai (Dubai, UAE)

April: Paris Blockchain Week (Paris, France), EthAmsterdam (Amsterdam, Paris), AfrikaBurn (CapeTown, SA)

May: EthMilan (Milan, Italy), Permissionless (Palm Beach, USA)

June: Money2020 (Amsterdam, NL), Consensus (Austin, USA), World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland)

July: Fintech Week (London, UK), EthCC (Paris, France)

August: EthMexico (Mexico City, Mexico), Burning Man (Black Rock, USA)

September: MCon (Denver, USA)

October: Token2049 (London, UK), Future Blockchain Summit (Dubai, UAE), EthLisbon (Lisbon, Portugal)

November: WebSummit (Lisbon, Portugal)

December: ArtBasel (Miami, USA), EthTaipei (Taipei, Taiwan), World Cup (Doha, Qatar)

What happened last year (2021)?

Read about Unit Highlights 2021 here: https://unitfoundation.medium.com/unit-2021-in-review-f4f8d0bf328

Watch Unit Highlights 2021 video:


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CVMUN = Conferences, Ventures, Masters, University, News
DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization
DEX = Decentralized Exchange
I&C Teams = Autonomous Industry & City Teams with own tokens and up to 200 founding core team members
MOPS = Marketing, Organization, Product, Sales
PE = price-earnings ratio for valuation using multiples
UNIT = Native Token of Unit Network L1 blockchain built with Substrate

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