Unit Ventures Tokenization : A Success for Building Inclusive Economies

Unit Ventures Tokenization Accelerator: A Successful Launch for Building Inclusive Economies

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the first Unit Ventures Tokenization Accelerator, run by Unit Network Cofounders Adrian, Ann and Roland! This six-week program was designed to provide mentorship, knowledge, funding, and access to the Unit Network community, with the intent to give a mindful and in-depth advantage to leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, and agencies looking to start their own token economy.

The program featured six modules, covering topics such as tokenization, business modeling, community management, legal and taxation, fundraising, and tokenomics. Over 90 global applicants applied for the first cohort, and over 70 were accepted into the program. In the first week alone, more than 100 sign-ups were invited to join the program, which culminated in eight final pitches on demo day, with standout projects by Sabatha Mthwecu (Solar Rais – Affordable Carbon Credits in South Africa), David Chen (A New York-based Holistic Health and Wellness Center to Elevate Consciousness using Sacred Geometry, Metaverse, and Cryptos), and Jeff Marshall (WHERE2! A Geolocated storytelling app with web3 perks.) Keep an eye out for future updates on their token launches.

If you're interested in creating and managing your own token, be sure to register for the next Accelerator program, which begins on January 18, 2023. Simply click the link to the registration form and fill it out to apply. We'll notify attendees within two weeks and help you get started on creating and/or accelerating your token.


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